Gender and Digital Culture

Blog for the Gender and Digital Culture project, a study exploring the impact of digital media and communications on (gendered) relationships and interactions


Gender and Digital Culture is a project run within the University of Southampton’s Digital Humanities initiative in collaboration with the University of York. The aim of the project is to explore the way that gender is negotiated, constructed and expressed through contemporary digital media, with an emphasis on how digital technologies variously facilitate, exacerbate, rethink or replicate diverse behaviours.

We want to explore how these relationships operate in different disciplines in terms of professional and personal development, and how we can equip individuals to use such technologies productively. Gender and Digital Culture will engage with colleagues across disciplinary boundaries, both within and outside of the humanities. The digital humanities have an important role in furthering our understanding of how men and women engage with digital media, which in turn is a key part of supporting professionals and researchers in all digitally-mediated disciplines.

This blog will be used to disseminate our ongoing findings, explore new research directions and promote upcoming events. The project is led by Dr Sara Perry (Lecturer in Cultural Heritage at the University of York), Dr Graeme Earl (Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton), Lucy Shipley and Jim Osborne (University of Southampton Research Postgraduates). In the coming weeks and months we will post about the various strategies which we will use to investigate the interface between gender and digital culture, as well as encouraging others to share their experiences through online surveys and personal accounts.


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