Gender and Digital Culture

Blog for the Gender and Digital Culture project, a study exploring the impact of digital media and communications on (gendered) relationships and interactions

Introducing… Sara Perry

Hi! I’m Sara – I am Director of Studies of Digital Heritage and Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of York, UK. I’m also Acting Director of Archaeological Information Systems for my department. I have worked at the intersections of archaeology and visual anthropology for the past decade, studying the means by which archaeologists use different types of media to engage with academic and non-academic audiences. I have a particular interest in digital media, derived in part from my own use of blogging, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ for professional purposes.

Dr Sara Perry, University of York (UK)

Dr Sara Perry, University of York (UK)

This project is borne out of some very personal experiences that have impacted on my working life. I have blogged about some of those experiences elsewhere, and I am grateful to have two exceptional scholars – Lucy Shipley and Jim Osborne – collaborating with me to understand how people wield digital media in their professional lives, and how we can constructively engage with such media in the long term. These issues are very close to my heart and I appreciate you taking the time to contribute to our project and support our collective interests in making the digital world a safe and productive environment.


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